House Rules

We strive to provide our guests with clean, safe and friendly accommodations. The following Guest House Policies / Rules have been established based on management, industry and operational standards and procedures. These are also considered as part of our reservation agreement with you. As our guest, by reading and signing this agreement, you are agreeing to abide by all of our House Policies / Rules, terms, conditions and procedures.

Guests must be at least 18 years of age to check in at Habitat Guest House. In the interest of security and to prevent fraud, guests are required to confirm their identity by providing their valid government issued photo identification (Passport, driver’s license, etc.) and booking confirmation upon check-in.

Free early check-in is offered based on availability. Please note that our earliest check-in time is 11:00AM. If you require a guaranteed check-in for arrival prior to 2:00PM, pre-registration and payment may be required.

Extension of stay may be accommodated free of charge for a maximum of two (2) hours depending on room availability. Please inform the property manager at least 24 hours before departure date if you need to check-out late. Exceeding the maximum time will be considered as one night stay and will be charged automatically (subject to room availability).

Before or at designated Check-out Time, please allow our staff to check your room. Missing items from the room will be charged based on prevailing market rates and transportation fees. Please allow 10-20 minutes check out time to facilitate. Items on loan from Habitat Guest House shall be returned in the same condition upon check out to avoid extra charges.

We accept cash, PayPal, Bank deposit or money remittance services (i.e. Western Union).

All rates are quoted in Philippine Peso currency tax inclusive, unless specified otherwise. Rates may increase without notice.

Habitat Guest House is privately owned and operated. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason(s) that violates our House Policies / Rules and Philippine laws.

WITHOUT ANY REFUND, the Property Management may refuse to admit service or accommodate any person, who does not abide by our standards and policies and Philippine laws.

Habitat Guest House will refuse service or evict a guest for the following reasons:
1. Refusal or failure to pay for accommodations.
2. Under influence of drugs or excessive influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, acting in a disorderly fashion as to disturb the peace of other guests or is not compliant with Philippine laws.
3. Unable to properly supervise their children at all times.
4. Seeks to use the property for an unlawful purpose.
5. Bringing into the property a firearm without clearance or permit from authorities and management; including any explosive or hazardous or toxic substance that is unlawful to possess and may be dangerous to other persons.
6. Destroys, damages, defaces, or threatens harm to property or guests.
7. Causes or permits persons to exceed the maximum allowable occupancy of room.

• CANCELLATION POLICY: (Applicable to direct bookings and bookings through dive instructors/shops only)

Habitat Guest House is not responsible for weather conditions, personal emergencies, or schedule changes. Reservations must be cancelled at least seven (7) days, hotel time, prior to your arrival date to avoid cancellation fees.
If reservation/s are cancelled less than 7 days before the arrival date, you will be charged a one (1) night full room charge plus taxes.
If you are staying more than one (1) night, only the first night and taxes will be charged. If you cancel any reservation, you must obtain and save the proof of cancellation for your records.

Failure to check in on the scheduled arrival date for a reservation will result in a No-Show fee being charged. You will be charged for the full amount of the reserved stay plus taxes.

Room occupancy requirements are based on fire code/fire safety restrictions. Standard Queen Room maximum occupancy is 2 persons and Standard Twin Room maximum occupancy is 3 persons. If you exceed the maximum number of guests allowed, you will be asked to rent another guestroom for proper accommodations or vacate the property.

Habitat Guest House is unable to accommodate additional beddings (except in our Standard Twin Room) or baby crib due to the available space in the room.

• CHILDREN (0-12 years): Children aged 12 and under stay for free when sharing a room with one or more paying adult(s), using existing bedding. As the parents, guardians, or chaperones of children you are personally and legally responsible for and must supervise them at all times. For safety reasons, please do not leave children unattended in guest rooms or allow them to roam the hotel property unsupervised.

Room keys are issued to the registered guest(s). Room keys will not be issued to anyone under 18 years old. A valid ID is required if you have lost your key and require a duplicate. Please return room keys to Front Desk/Housekeeping before departing the property. Lost or damaged keys will be charged PHP250 per piece.

Management is not liable for loss of personal property; Guests are advised to secure their personal belongings and valuables. When unattended, please close room windows and keep doors locked.

Smoking inside the room or bathroom is strictly prohibited. A penalty of PHP 1,000 will apply for smoking inside the room, including bathrooms. Please smoke in designated areas only (hallways or balconies).

Housekeeping is provided daily between the hours of 9:00AM – 4:00PM ONLY. If you like your rooms to be cleaned, please inform the staff.

Being an environmentally conscious property, change of bath towel/s is done on the second day of stay while change of bedding linens is done on the third day of stay. Extra pillow, towels, soap and shampoo will incur corresponding charges.

WHEN NOT INSIDE THE ROOM, Management highly discourages guests from leaving electrical appliances turned on. Air-conditioning lights, ceiling fans, TV and other electrical appliances MUST BE TURNED OFF. Please make sure all faucets / showers are also properly turned-off when not in use.

Cooking or any other form of meal preparation is not allowed in rooms. Please use the common kitchen provided on the second floor.

Guests are requested to help maintain the cleanliness of Habitat Guest House premises and facilities. Please clean up after yourselves after using our facilities such as the common kitchen or the balconies. Kindly throw your trash in garbage containers provided and refrain from leaving dirty dishes or trash on the sink or tables.

Washing and ironing clothing garments is not allowed in the rooms. Please reach out to our staff to have your clothing garments taken to the laundry shop (fees will apply).

Rooms are inspected regularly and a detailed log is maintained on each room. Rooms are rented to guests in appropriate condition without any prohibited odor (i.e. durian, mangosteen, etc). Management and staff are trained and skilled in identifying odors from prohibited items. If our investigation concludes that you have smoked in your room, cooked, or brought a prohibited item into our facility, you will be fined, and may be evicted without any refund.

Immediately report to our staff any damage to property or broken fixtures for prompt repair. Please note that you are responsible for damages that occur by your fault or by fault of the person that you are responsible of and that you must pay for it.

o Damage to rooms, fixtures, furnishing and equipment including the removal of electronic equipment, towels, art work, etc. will be charge at 100% of full and new replacement value plus any shipping and handling charges.
o Damage to mattresses and linen including; towels, mattress pads, sheets, bedspreads, blankets resulting from the use of body oils, make-up, shoe polish, etc. will result in a charge for the special cleaning, repair or replacement of the damaged article/s.
o Guests or visitors found to have tampered with any fire detection or fire-fighting equipment will be charged all costs incurred by the property due to their actions and may be evicted. Depending on the severity of the guest/s actions, law enforcement may become involved at Management’s discretion.

Access to our WIFI is free for our guests. The WIFI access code is subject to change without notice. Our WIFI speed or reliability may vary, without notice, depending on the service provider. Please understand that as of November 2017, Sabang, Puerto Galera is considered to be in a highly congested area where management is unable to control the bandwidth allocation set by the service provider.

Please keep in mind that other guests will want to rest. Avoid making noise in public areas after 10:00PM.

All complaints shall be taken into account if reported during the stay. All later claims shall be rejected.

No firearms or weapons allowed within the hotel premises.

No pets allowed in the property.

Thank you for your understanding and willingness to abide by property policies. We hope that you would have a pleasant stay with us!

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